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Bad Design Co.

Publication + Art Direction + Copywriting + Branding
Spring 2019, ongoing

Bad Design Co. is an art + apparel brand based in Austin, Texas. Every piece made has been printed and crafted by hand. This brand is a collaborative endeavor between myself, illustrator Jacob Montoya, and several other artists and photographers that have helped to present our work.

We spent a lot of time exploring what it meant to be Bad Design Co. We have created in a variation of styles and tones to figure out which voice would suit Bad Design best. It turns out that there is no “one best identity” because we loved every piece that we made.

Bad Design Co. is about expression and exploration and to limit our art to one idea would be a disservice to our identity. Bad Design is an outlet for me to take all the ideas and aspirations in my head and put it out into the world. It is a vessel to carry these parts of me into some larger purpose that I hope people can connect with and find some inspiration for their own creativity.

Bad Design is an idea, and you’re thinking about it right now.

Teenage Bad Design Co.
In the time before Bad Design, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create. I just knew I wanted to make something worth holding on to. I took to screen-printing and began exploring.

Photography, Christina A. Castro

Photography, Ayana Sisneros

Photography, Christina A. Castro

BAD TV Collection
This collection makes a call to action to smash your televisions and unplug. It pushes a punk message with loud graphics and bold illustrations.

Whether the message is loud and clear or hidden behind striking graphics, something important is stated in every design.

Photography, Preethi Mangadu

Photography, Preethi Mangadu

BAD TV, Jacob Montoya

Unplugged, Isaac Torres

Photography, Preethi Mangadu

ULTRA Art Collection
This collection was an experiment beyond the screen-printed designs that Bad Design Co. had become known for.

These pieces came about through creative experimentation and should be viewed as works of art rather than only as articles of clothing.

Photography, Leslie Flores

Photography, Leslie Flores

Photography, Leslie Flores

Burnout Collection
Creative burnout is a struggle that all artists face at some point in their career. The ideation of the Burnout collection came about through play. Through having fun trying
out new ideas and pursuing design concepts that didn’t have a place in any earlier collections. 

This collection is meant to be fun, but it’s also meant to be hopeful. Burnout will pass. Just take the time to recharge with friends. It’ll be okay.

Photography, Jessie Jahen
Photography, Jessie Jahen

Photography, Jessie Jahen